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September 15, 2013


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A yellow gryphon anthro stand in her lonely dimension, waiting for the games of NoName's to started. She focuses on the competitors and watches them carefully as each are given a door to enter.
"Don't you worry you poor souls, I, Mari, shall save you if worthy..." Whispered the concerned oil painting. A petal of a green tulip drops to the ground.
"I don't have much time left. So you outsiders need to hurry"

Ta-Da! Here are your match people :D

Each one has a room and a theme, no exact details so imagine what the room looks like and just put it in your entry! Also the rooms with have a note showing anything 'alive' in there, a certain object, certain descriptions, etc.

As for the size, go crazy! The Gallery is a dimension of most of the impossible so go nuts peeps!

  1. :iconcodliet::iconversusplz::iconwolvennight:
    room: Screaming Statue Room theme: Dry Blood

    Note: Statues big and small, face or none, are in a screaming or shocked pose, each made of flaking, dry, brown, blood. You can break one just by breathing on it. One of them contains a special item, can you find it before your opponent? KSEE KSEE KSEE~ (you decide XD)

  2. :iconinterimnity::iconversusplz::iconglassfeline:
    room: Black Waterfall Cave theme: Voices of the Dead

    Note: The room has many bridges connect to and fro to each other while a waterfall of black paint gushes down into the lake of lost souls, grasping anything that falls in. Drops of liquid will fall from stalactites on the ceiling of the cave, beware of touching even one of them or the voice of the dead will torment your mind, there is no way to remove the voices unless someone wins…

  3. :iconsakura-wind::iconversusplz::iconvvincentt:
    room: Taxidermy Room of Animals theme: Eating Humans

    Note: This room contains many stuffed animals as their horror counterpart. Some are even consuming actual human body pieces, from head to liver, including innocent herbivores. However the omnivores aren't all dead yet~

  4. :iconwittlebanzaitree::iconversusplz::iconhamandbacon:
    room: Hall of Torture Rooms theme: Abandoned Toys

    Note: This is a special never ending corridor with many doors on each side. Once you’re in, the door you entered will disappear and no one can leave until a winner is decided. Each room has it own torture devices, some contains one large one, and others may contain a set of cruel torture weapons. However, the rooms will change each time you go in. Some of the torture devices have a sort of toy to show a demonstration of how the device works. Of course, you can use the environment to your heart’s content~

    PS. Don’t ask how The Gallery manages to collect these -___-‘

  5. :iconsakuracat-kim::iconversusplz::iconcynicalraven:
    room: The Library of ??? theme: Flying Letters

    Note: The Library of ??? is like an actual library only with flying books, ready to swoop down on you. Part of the library has glass cases storing book art, artwork that are made from old books (look it up, they’re quite amazing). There is no Librarian so be loud as you can. Doors will just take you back into the room again, so don’t bother escaping.

  6. :iconfununtitled::iconversusplz::iconjzork:
    room: Dolls of Beauty theme: Pain and Sorrow

    Note: You will encounter a room with many dolls on display. Each and every one of them has their own beauty. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and almost every heroine with their own beauty. Each doll with glare at you with their sorrow filled eyes, tears of red paint drip from their eyes. There is however a secret puzzle, some dolls have actual blood for tears, and in them with be an item. (You guys can choose what they get, but only simple weapons and stuff. If you’re unsure, there’s always an option to ask~)

  7. :iconarchioslukos::iconversusplz::iconhamichiru:
    room: Garden of Roses theme: Jealousy

    Note: The garden is not your typical backyard garden; roses of many colours fill the room. Each rose is jealous of at least something from at least someone, like their strength, willpower or intelligence, best not to touch their vines too, they can suck your energy up like a vampire in the night.

  8. :iconclashofthebunnies::iconversusplz::iconmartymcchew:
    room: Children’s Contribution Studio theme: Twisted Childhood

    Note: A room with arts of many kinds from children around the universe. Crayon drawings of stick figures with guns and distort families filled the walls. Doesn’t that remind you of yourself when you’re a kid as well? Everyone draws at least one draw when they’re little. But don’t think these drawings are innocent; they are like small slideshows, showing the downfall in each drawing. In fact, one of your childhood drawings might be out to kill you~

  9. :iconkeyblade-11::iconversusplz::icondancing-kitten:
    room: Gift shop theme: Vanishing Items

    Note: Like every attraction, the Gallery has its own gift shop. If you go in for a match, the clock starts ticking and objects in the store vanishes one by one. It’s a countdown for a gas bomb. When every item for purchase is gone, a bomb releases poisonous gas that can kill the casualty in 20 minutes. Once the gas is released, the winner of the match will be cured while the loser suffers (and of course, if ya want your OC to stay alive, don’t forget to use Mari to save them~). It’s a race against disappearing gifts and time, can you defeat your opponent before the bomb activates or struggle against the gas?

  10. :iconsilkysymphony::iconversusplz::iconelistix:
    room: Ice Projects theme: Thin Ice

    Note: Don’t like the cold, well too bad. The room is like a freezer, there are fire torches for light but not warmth. Ice sculptures and arts crowds most of the space. There are also massive ice cubes with an item inside them, some even contain food! But as you toys fight, underneath the frozen floor is a hot spring that gradually melts the ice by the minute. Think its harmless falling in? Think again! The spring is actually a rushing river! Finish your opponents as quick as you can, this room is lucky as well because that’s the only room where you can break the art accidentally but not on purpose. The more art you break on purpose, the more hotter the river shall get and the quicker the ice melts.

  11. :iconnynyjones::iconversusplz::iconblue--e:
    Room: Tower of Paint Theme: Rising Pool

    Note: An infinitely high tower with many valves. Each valve opens when you get close enough, and they start pouring paint (it can be any colour, and they don't have to be the same colour). So there's a slowly rising pool of paint, so you'll have to constantly scale the tower as you face your opponent. Be sure not to fall...

  12. :iconi-need-bacon::iconversusplz::iconjoe021093:
    room:  The Storage Room theme: Illusionary Aisles

    Note: After you enter this ordinary looking arena, there are things that doesn’t seem to be there betweens shelves of discarded and incomplete artworks. Do not worry, these artworks are only spectators but will interfere as they wish by making illusions here and there, messing with both your opponent’s mind and your own. The illusion varies from innocent children about to get crushed by the falling boxes to perhaps a loved one in danger. I say, defeat your opponent first than taking out your rage against the naughty artworks.

  13. :iconmasterofthebad::iconversusplz::iconskeamstroke:
    Room: Maze of Mirrors Theme: Evil Reflection

    Note: The maze does not have an exit besides winning. Most mirrors are normal, but there are a few that are very special. They can create replicas of whoever is reflected within them, and these replicas want to kill you. Not to mention the fact that the ceiling is really heavy. In fact, it's so heavy that it needs every single mirror to support it, so if you destroy just one mirror, the ceiling will eventually collapse. The more mirrors that are destroyed, the faster it will collapse. And your replica will destroy some mirrors in an effort to kill you, so finish your match fast.

  14. :iconblaze150::iconversusplz::iconnerak55:
    room: Ye Olde Theatre theme: Monsters

    Note: The Olde Theatre where everyone used to watch dramatic plays of Shakespeare and Fairytales, but those happy times are over since strange event began to happen. No one knows the exact description of theses creature that slaughtered the actors and devoured them up. NoName has locked these beasts up until after 5 minutes after the battle begins, where three monstrous demons will search high and low for food after years of starvation. (you can of course design the creatures yourself!) Now show the judges the dramatic play you, your opponent and the beasts what they’re looking for!

  15. :iconguiding-heart::iconversusplz::icongliscor1:
    room: Ruined Portraits theme: People You Know

    Note: This room is one of the rooms with two areas, the darkroom and the display room. You first enter the darkroom, where everything is of course dark; the red lights would flash every so often. Photos of portraits drip with terrible quality and taste. The Display room shows portraits of your lost loved ones or people you wish to avoid, those pictures will discourage you, destroying your spririt as you go on. Of course, this is an illusion. If you manage to break out of the illusion NoName created, there be nothing but empty frames on the walls.

  16. :icon2slow2bro::iconversusplz::iconfiveling:
    room: The Laboratory theme: Experiment Failure

    Note:  One day, a group of scientist and artists tried to create the first ever living artwork by ???, the same artist who created NoName itself. However, the experiment failed. The man-killing artwork butchered the group of helpless humans. Blood still fills the lab, even some beaker contain blood. The survivor only made it out; traumatised by the event he lost his memories of everything. The demonic artwork still lives inside the very same laboratory. The last human only manages to describe the creature. “The monster has a mannequin body like what we used for the tests and experiments. T-Three mouths, three legs, three arms and three eyes. That thing doesn’t even have a nose nor ears…..” The lab has walking mannequins not of Lady Labyrinth’s command but the experiment itself.

    There you guys have it~ Any questions? Note the group and we see to it!

    I also noticed that unlike me and other Australians, some of you peeps already have school started so I make the deadline the 1st of November, 6:00pm EST people~

    Sporeture, Out~

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Martymcchew Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
So, for my area, do I have to fight my opponent or do a puzzle or something?
Sporeture Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist
You choose how you win~
Martymcchew Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Ok :)
hamichiru Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
I just woke up to this. Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's entries!
WolvenNight Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck everyone~ man this will be a challenge but  I can't wait to see what :iconcodethechaoswolf: does :dummy: this will be soo much fun, I need to start planning :D
Codliet Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aha I also find it a bit of a challenge too uwu but ehe good luck! and I can't wait to see what you have instore too! uwu(also I see something funny about our match ups x'D both of our names have wolf related things in them x'D ehe~ also posting a wip of my cover! :dummy: here :la: ~>   )
Jzork Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
CRUD, Valon is stuck in a room full of creepy dolls with a Kid that can create ILLUSIONS!!!
This will be fun. Toooo fun. >:3
2slow2bro Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh dear, i guess is hould get started shouldnt I d:
good luck to AiSling, and may trig and charlie not die horrible deaths due to the horrible in the lab
Blaze150 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
welp, guess I should get started.
joe021093 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013

Storage rooms just love Genet, aren't they... 

Also, to be up against one of my favorite character around... :3)rz
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